Asparagus PGI of Badoere white

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1 kg bunch.

The White Asparagus of Badoere PGI are products of excellence of the European agri-food industry.

Product Description

A delicacy for the palate, white asparagus are an ally for health as they are rich in vitamins and minerals, have depurative and diuretic properties and are particularly recommended in slimming diets. Excellent raw in carpaccio or seasoned with oil and lemon or together with eggs, in omelettes or as a filling for rustic cakes, white asparagus is a main ingredient in risottos or first courses in general, and also goes well with meat or fish.

The delicate pinkish-white shoots are well-formed, straight, with a tight apex, whole. Thanks to the care we take in selecting them as soon as they are picked and packaging them, they are never hollow, split or broken.

White asparagus has a sweet and aromatic flavour, neither sour nor salty; it is tender and free of fibrousness on the palate.


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