Green asparagus first

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1 kg bunch.

Protagonists of spring, green asparagus is a young and tender shoot that is associated with the awakening of nature. The green type is low in calories and rich in folic acid, a B vitamin, and asparagine, a substance that increases resistance to fatigue. Like white asparagus, greens have antioxidant, diuretic and detoxifying properties. They are a tasty appetiser and can delight the palate with refined first courses or, delicate but tasty, light main courses.

Product Description

Green turioni have a more pronounced flavour than white ones, neither acidic nor salty, with a persistent fruity and herbaceous aroma. Fresh asparagus on purchase can be recognised by its straight, closed tips.

The stalks, on the other hand, must be hard, of the same thickness and free of blemishes.

Conformationight turion, with possible slight deviation of the tip, tight apex
Colourapical part - deep, bright green with possible violet tones; basal part (not more than 5% of the turion) - green with violet to white variations
Tastesweet and marked, not sour, not salty, not bitter, tender, lacking in fibrousness, persistent fruity and herbaceous aroma
Size10 to 12 mm; with a maximum difference of 10 mm between the largest and the smallest turion within the same bunch
LengthMaximum length 27 cm; with a maximum difference of 1 cm between the shortest and longest turion within the same bunch


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