Purple asparagus

Violet asparagus is a variety native to Liguria, so much so that it is also known as Violetto d’Albenga. The seed arrived at the Fantin company through a fortuitous acquaintance with Mr Porro, an old Ligurian producer. The seed, however, needed to be ‘harmonised’. It was, in fact, unstable from an aesthetic-productive point of view: the yields were low, the sizing very uneven, the colouring not regular. Therefore, we sent the seed to a nurseryman-geneticist who carried out harmonisation work that lasted almost 10 years.

The purple colour is the result of a genetic mutation that occurred spontaneously and naturally, which deprived the asparagus of a chromosome. In addition to its unmistakable purple colour, purple asparagus is characterised by a rather sweet taste.

It is suitable as a side dish, e.g. grilled with a cut of ostrich, or baked in the oven. It is suggested not to boil it, while it perfectly retains its organoleptic qualities and good flavour even if eaten a day after cooking.

Due to its peculiarities, purple asparagus is not selected for grading.

Asparagi viola



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