There are many varieties of asparagus. We distinguish them according to the white, green, purple or light green colour of the shoot.

White asparagus is harvested before it comes out of the ground so that exposure to sunlight does not activate the formation of chlorophyll, which is responsible for the green colouring of the vegetable.
To obtain white asparagus, we use the mulching technique, i.e. we cover the soil with a black photo-selective polyethylene film.

We cultivate in greenhouses and in open fields, according to this calendar:

  • between February and June we plant the legs (underground roots)
  • from the date of planting and for at least 18 months, the so-called strengthening phase, in order to ensure the healthy growth of the plants, we cannot harvest the shoots
  • for all types of asparagus, at the beginning of the year, we prepare the planting by bunching and grubbing the soil
  • in the case of white asparagus, and then mulch the soil with black plastic film
  • after the strengthening phase has been completed, the asparagus is harvested from the beginning of March until the end of May each year

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