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CREAM OF GREEN ASPARAGUS On the shelves of our farm market a succulent novelty: cream of green asparagus. A genuine flavour to bring to the table all year round. A healthy and appetising sauce. Ideal as a sauce for pasta, gnocchi and risotto. Enriches fragrant bruschettas. Fills dishes with meat or fish. Gives a unique touch to savoury and rustic pies.


'White' as a result of human care that shields it from light White asparagus is obtained by carefully avoiding exposure to light. This is why it is cultivated under mounds of earth and protected from sunlight with blackout film. In April/May, shoots develop, white shoots with a pleasant and delicate flavour. Processing is strictly by hand, from harvesting to selecting the calibre, from cutting to tying the bunches with raffia thread and packaging.


Entreprise agricole FANTIN BENVENUTO

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