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Once again, the company doors were walked through by a TV trup. On 25 April 2019, the company became the setting for the television filming of Rete4's 'Ricette all'italiana' programme. Annabruna, l'inviata speciale del programma, ha scoperto, accompagnata da Benvenuto, l'unicità che contraddistingue l'Asparago di Badoere IGP.


Agriculture in support of producers, of those who invest time and energy in genuine products with a tradition rooted in the territory. Agriculture to provide employment for many, from students to workers to pensioners to women. Agriculture not only to produce a product, but a good enhanced by a correct culture of use and consumption.


A short interview with Benvenuto Fantin given to Alice Magnani's 'virtual' microphones for the newspaper 'Italfruit News". Thank you for giving voice to thoughts, concerns, forecasts of the particular moment that the asparagus sector is going through. Wednesday 8 April 2020 "Without Horeca it will be a difficult year for asparagus" "The asparagus campaign this year is a double question mark: we have prices that are 20% lower than last year. Not to mention that 40 per cent of our production is usually destined for the Horeca sector, which has been at a standstill for some time now'. Taking stock with Italiafruit on the trends of this typically spring product is Benvenuto Fantin, owner of the Trevisan company Fantin Asparagus, spread over about 40 linear kilometres of asparagus fields. "Usually in this period we do a good job in the provinces of Venice and Treviso,' Fantin continues, 'working with tourism on the coast, hotels and tourist ships. But this year the situation has completely changed: we can no longer count on Horeca and we are trying to recover sales through e-commerce, which we activated a couple of years ago, and with home deliveries up to 20 km away'.


Our mailbox receives a little bit of everything: some people are looking for purely commercial information, others offer articles for sale, others want information on how to grow asparagus and how to cook it, etc., to which we take the time to reply in full.


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